The Value of Videography

While we have specialized in stunning photography at Rebecca Ann Aesthetics for the better part of a decade now, we have to admit that videography holds a space near and dear to us as well. Being able to sit down with your spouse fifty years from now and actually hear the words you said to each other on the most significant day of your life is a profound experience, and capturing the movement and emotion of the day is like having your photographs come to life. 

As always, quality over everything is the motto for us, and we have brought industry leading equipment, skill, and editing to our team. Mandy York, our lead videographer, has worked within RAA for several years as a second shooter and background support person but when we chose to hand over videography in full we absolutely found her niche. She is known for mirroring the light and airy style that RAA is known for and translating that seamlessly into cinema. Her videos focus heavily on capturing emotion and telling the story of not only your wedding day but of the love and respect you hold for one another. From vows to first kisses to the sweep of a groom’s hand across his new bride’s shoulder during a first dance- we refuse to miss a single moment that we feel reflects who you are as a couple. 

Videography is one of those things that a lot of engaged couples go back and forth on. Do we really need it? Does this fit into our budget? Is it really worth having a little movie made about us? Obviously our answer is a resounding yes, but you don’t have to take it from us. The Knot, Wedding Bee and even Kentucky Bride have all stated that when polled, not having a videographer is the #1 regret among couples on their wedding day. There is simply no way to replace the sounds, movement and emotions felt during a ceremony or reception other than through video. This allows you to relive that day as many times as you wish. To hear your husband or wife when they are apart, or to see the tiny smile you may have missed on your mothers face as you walked down the aisle. Wedding videography is simply irreplaceable and is quickly becoming the norm for the modern couple.

Our packages cover all of the bases from the minimalist elopement to the grand Bridgerton style affair, and we take the utmost care for our couples by providing them with our full attention on their big day. We will cover the importance of booking photo and video from the same company in a separate post, but suffice to say that you need our dream team on your side. 

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