Romantic Parisian; The Ritz.

Fine Art photography and filmmaking is a funny phrase isn’t it? It’s one of those words that sounds like it’s trying to be more grown up than it is- and it took us a while to settle into calling ourselves by this genre. We went back and forth about calling ourselves light and airy- which didn’t quite fit. Then we tried ‘true to life’ and although that’s true- we think we demand more than that of ourselves. So finally we hit on this word “Fine Art” and that got Becca going before it got Mandy- which makes sense. Becca is the one on our team with the long standing classical arts training, and when we were rolling this word around in what we call our shared brain these days- we decided that it fit us pretty well.

But what is ‘Fine Art’? Well, the term gets its origins from the physical art world. Think Louvre, The Mona Lisa, Shakespeare, Michaelangelo (not the turtle). These pioneers of the art world set the stage for what we accepted as art for generations to come. All modernized art work is derived from these roots- and where do many of these roots lead? Straight back to historical Paris, France and all it’s romantic glory.

We get a lot of inquiries from couples who are shooting for weddings set in France or Italy. We are going to do our best to begin highlighting our favorite venues in these far off fairytale lands but today let’s start with the most magical and well established of them all- The Ritz on Place Vendôme.

Once home to household names Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway and even King Edward VII, this hotel (which has yet to become an official palace, although it is listed as a historical monument by the French government) hosts some of the most beautiful and lavish weddings each year.

They have recently undergone a massive multimillion euro renovation and each of the lavish rooms as well as the common spaces and grounds have taken each and every detail and elevated themselves to fine art. You’ll find plenty of information about the top names in the world who have said their ‘I-do’s” in these beautiful surroundings but the venue itself is far more accessible to the average person than you might think.

We are always seeking travel to new and exciting places, and setting the first day of the rest of your life within the rich history and architectural beauty that is the luxurious Ritz Paris sounds like a great idea to us!

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