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My journey began as an art teacher, where I combined my artistic skills with a passion for enriching lives. However, as time passed, I felt an irresistible pull towards something more—something that led me to where I am today.

Initially, my camera lens focused on a variety of lifestyle photography, from families and maternity to corporate headshots. But it was the magnetic allure of weddings that absolutely captivated my heart. The raw emotion and transformative moments of such life-changing events resonated with me, guiding me towards my true calling in fine art photography.

In the realm of art, canvases are traditionally used to convey emotion and beauty. In my world of photography, the canvas has evolved into a digital platform where I paint not with brushstrokes, but with light and memories. The result is a collection of stunning, high-quality images that are as unique as the couples I have the privilege to work with.

I aim to empower couples to embrace their authentic selves and cherish the love story they're writing. On your wedding day, I strive to make you feel comfortable, alive, and radiant.

My journey with Rebecca Ann Aesthetic began in 2016 when Rebecca and I started teaching in the same school district. While Rebecca led the Art department, I was at the helm of the Human Ecology division. Our initial connection was sparked by a shared love for design, artisanal sweets, and empowering women.

Elevating Rebecca Ann Aesthetic into the realm of fine art filmmaking has been a journey filled with challenges and triumphs, and I wouldn't have it any other way. This endeavor has not only allowed us to connect deeply with people from diverse backgrounds. Learning about their unique stories and cultures has been an incredibly enriching experience.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a fine art filmmaker is the lasting relationships we've built. It's become a regular occurrence to receive messages from past clients sharing their latest life milestones. This constant connection keeps us invigorated and passionate about what we do.

In essence, we're not just in the wedding industry; we're a part of the ever-evolving tapestry of love stories that make this work so fulfilling. We live and breathe this craft, and we're committed to capturing your love story in the most artistic way possible.

Founded in 2017, Rebecca Ann Aesthetic is a beacon for fine art wedding photography, that captures the essence of couples in Lexington, Louisville, Nashville and beyond.

We specialize in creating elevated, romantic and authentic imagery for our couples while curating the experience of a lifetime. The love story that brought you together deserves to be told and retold year over year with heirloom quality.

Your imagery deserves to be refined and modern, yet ethereal and full of soft light and genuine emotion. A love of vintage film can be found throughout our work as we focus on remarkably distinct color tones. 

Our work has been honored across the nation in publications such as Kentucky Bride, Contemporary Wedding Magazine, and The White Wren to name a few. 

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As former Title 1 educators, a portion of all proceeds go to provide opportunities for impoverished youth.

We have so many places we have been yet so many places left to go - that's one of our favorite parts of photography and film - living life one new step at a time


Much like your future husband or wife, your dog is always there for you. We fully support bringing your pup for photos.


The best part of eating most of our meals at weddings? There's always cake to top off a perfect day!

Anything with icing

We each have families and friends we hold very dear to our hearts, and nothing makes us happier than seeing people form new families of their own!

Days spent with loved ones

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"We seek to honor all marriages- as love is the original language of art."