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My name is Rebecca Ann Thomas and I founded Rebecca Ann Aesthetic way back in 2017. I started out my adult life as an art teacher- I felt that using my skills as an artist combined with my love for interacting with others and imparting knowledge would be the ideal way to give back to the world. As the years wore on I felt that something was missing, and that brought me to where you see us today. 
I originally shot families, maternity, corporate headshots and various other lifestyle photography before taking on weddings and absolutely falling in love. There is something about capturing the raw emotion of a life changing event that really called to me and I quickly found my niche in fine art photography. 
Traditionally, art is done on a canvas and photography isn't much different- except my canvas is now primarily digital and I am painting light and memories rather than brushstrokes. 
I seek to empower couples to live authentically and love the story that they are writing, while encouraging them to feel comfortable, alive and bright on their wedding day. 
I cannot wait to meet all of the couples we have not reached yet- your stories are what keep myself and Mandy thriving year after year!

Mandy Rhea York here! I met Rebecca in 2016 when we began teaching at the same small school district. While she was the head of the Art department, I covered the schools Human Ecology division. Initially we bonded over a love of design, artisanal sweets and female empowerment. 
When Rebecca started RAA I helped out casually behind the scenes as a back up photographer or copywriter. When Becca asked me to learn videography as a way to help out the occasional client, I was happy to jump into learning a new skill. Neither of us ever expected it to take off the way that it did and here we are several years later with hundreds of happy couples between us. 
Helping lead RAA into the age of filmmaking has been a long, beautiful, difficult, amazing, overwhelming task and I wouldn't have had it any other way. 
One of my favorite parts of being a fine art filmmaker has been the freedom to connect with so many people, learn their individual stories and cultures, and to truly be immersed in the fabric of someones lives. We have each made so many lifelong friends and it's now an every day occurrence for me to get a text or message from past clients sharing their newest milestones. 
We live and breathe this industry and wouldn't have it any other way!

Rebecca Ann Aesthetic was founded in 2017 and has since captured iconic images across the country and abroad. We consider ourselves visual storytellers and believe photography and film to be the purest way to immortalize moments that will never be lived again.

Our founder and lead photographer, Rebecca Thomas, is a classically trained artist who transformed the beauty of fine art off of the canvas and into the moment. Using her knowledge of composition, color and the power of emotion Rebecca provides our couples with carefully curated craftsmanship that is destined for heirloom prominence. 

Our lead filmmaker, Mandy York, combines an award winning degree and lifelong passion for design with her attention to detail and emotive storytelling to produce our bespoke films. Each of her films focus on the intimacy and light found in the most unexpected moments of your wedding.

As former Title 1 educators, a portion of all proceeds go to provide opportunities for impoverished youth.

We have so many places we have been yet so many places left to go - that's one of our favorite parts of photography and film - living life one new step at a time


A new scarf in London, a new pair of shoes in New York City - our lives are a never ending collection of tangible memories.


The best part of eating most of our meals at weddings? There's always cake to top off a perfect day!

Anything with icing

We each have families and friends we hold very dear to our hearts, and nothing makes us happier than seeing people form new families of their own!

Days spent with loved ones

favorite things

"We seek to honor all marriages- as love is the original language of art."