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We have spent years building a brand that people around the country can trust- so when we found ourselves unable to physically attend each and every Wedding that wanted to book with us- we knew we had to find a solution for our amazing couples. 
Enter our amazing Associate team.

Our photographers and videographers have been involved with photography & videography for quite some time and some have even built her own successful business across the region. Their insatiable desire to capture happy moments, perfection seeking attitude, and commitment to the industry have fast tracked them to the top of our go-to list for our wedding couples. They embody all of the qualities you love and expect from us- hard working, observant and able to make a friend where ever they go. Our associates are now taking on weddings that Rebecca or Mandy are unable to make it to. 

Investment with our associate team begins at $2500 for 8 hours of coverage. For all of the options, please submit an inquiry down below.

1. Will my imagery look the same as if Rebecca or Mandy took them?

Yes! Our associates are trained to photograph, film, pose, and capture a wedding day as if it were Rebecca or Mandy there. All of the images and clips are then handed off to Rebecca and Mandy for selection, editing, and delivery. Your wedding images will be carefully curated and processed to reflect the signature RAA style that you love.

2. What does the process look like?

All communication will be with Rebecca prior to your wedding day. Together you two will plan your shot lists, timeline, and all of the details that your associate shooters will need to capture the day flawlessly. If you have booked an engagement session, you can choose to use Rebecca or the associate that is assigned to your wedding day, it is your choice who you will work with. Prior to the wedding day, Rebecca will have multiple meetings with your associate shooters so that they are briefed and one hundred percent prepared for your wedding day. Once the wedding day is complete, your images are backed up, and a sneak will be delivered within 48 hours showing you and your loved ones all of the highlights. Rebecca will handle all editing and delivery of images and any additional communication after the wedding day.

3. Can I choose who my associate is?

Absolutely! We prefer it in some aspects! We want you to know, love, and trust your imaging team. We can also gladly make recommendations to you after we get to know you and what it is you want for your wedding day photos. 

4. How does someone become an RAA associate photographer?

All of our team members have shot with us multiple years as seconds shooters before being moved to our associate team. We have reviewed their images and guaranteed they passed our strict rules for quality, composition, posing, and lighting. We also inspect and approve the integrity of their gear before ever sending them to a wedding day. 

5. How is the booking process handled?

After your initial inquiry, we will reach out to you and set up a time for us to meet and discuss if one of our associates is a good fit for you and your partner. Once you decide to move forward and book with an RAA associate, we will send you a proposal which contains package options, a contract, and an online invoice to submit your $1000 retainer.

The RaaAssociate Team

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Freguently asked Questions

Justine Klope

Grace Driskill

Jessica Blackburn

 Grace has been with the RAA team for quite some time and has learned photography and filmmaking from the ground up under our direction. Her insatiable desire to learn, grow and support those around her has fast tracked her to the top of our go-to list for our clients. She embodies all of the qualities you love and expect from us- hard working, observant and able to make a friend where ever she goes- Grace is now taking on the weddings that Rebecca is unable to make it to. 

Grace is an animal lover, a hopeless romantic and obsessed with all things camera related. You can catch her in our studio, on the lake or at home where she is currently restoring her first home.

Justine Klope is a 31 year old kentucky native and has been married to her husband Aaron since 2019. They have two sons together named Case and Cohen, and a dog named Opie. She has been a photographer since 2018 and started working with a local magazine, Vue, as a freelance photographer.

She has always said that she loves photographing happy people doing happy things and her biggest love language is acts of service. She leaves every wedding fulfilled knowing she was able to give them precious memories that they will treasure for a lifetime.

 Photography has been a passion of Jessica's for as long as she can remember. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, she strives to create timeless and breathtaking photographs that truly reflect the essence of the people and occasions they are celebrating.

 Beyond her role as a photographer, she is also a devoted wife and a proud mother to three beautiful children. Her family is the driving force behind her work, as they inspire her to constantly seek out and capture the beauty and love that exists in every moment. They remind her daily of the importance of treasuring and preserving precious memories.

 When it comes to wedding photography, she understands the significance of the special day and the importance of capturing every intimate and magical moment.  Jessica is dedicated to creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience, ensuring that your photographs reflect joy, love, and authenticity.

Liz has been photographing weddings for nearly 15 years. With over 1000 events under her belt, she has the experience to handle just about anything you can throw her way. Liz is a loving wife and mother, and knows the importance of archiving memories and precious moments. 

Her strengths on a wedding day include her organizational skills, leadership, and problem solving. She loves wedding days with lots of unique details and chasing golden hour with our couples. 

When it comes to your wedding day, liz will leave nothing undocumented and will capture every moment with ease. 

Thank you!  We look forward to getting To know you.

We usually respond within 24 hours.

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