White Chateau

We want to highlight one of our favorite venues in Kentucky, White Chateau. This gorgeous and spacious location on Cecil Farms in Owensboro has been a long time favorite for us because of the endless natural light, understated elegance and straight, clean architecture. 

This space is incredibly versatile and offers lots of all-inclusive packages that have your tables, linens, venue, catering and bridal suites wrapped up in one pretty package- but our favorite part? White Chateau values photography and videography and provides access to the Chateau as well as the surrounding farmland for pre-wedding engagement sessions!

This means we can meet up ahead of time and scout your favorite locations for pictures as well as find the spaces that speak to you most as a couple. 

Some of our favorite images of all time have been captured at White Chateau and we actually have the ones from this highlight blog hanging in our office because the grounds here are just beautiful and make every couple look so light and full of joy.

If the upscale black/white look isn’t your thing, they have expanses of wild greenery and trees as well which create a softer, more ethereal look for you to set your favorite memories against. 

We always encourage our couples to print, print, print your imagery. We are documenting moments that you will cherish for the rest of your lives, and White Chateau simply gives us so much to work with as far as location and lighting options that look great blown up onto the big screen for your film, or as a huge mantel portrait for your first home together.

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