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So the time has finally come… you’re going to propose! You’ve likely been waiting on this moment for a while- and made a lot of big decisions leading up to this point. You’ve chosen a ring, you’ve set up a time, and you’ve calmed your nerves. Now all that’s left to do is make sure that this moment is as special as you can possibly make it! One of our favorite things to shoot are surprise proposals- and we’ve got quite a bit of experience making sure they go as smoothly and romantically as possible. Today we’re going to talk about how and why you should definitely have a proposal video.

How to Set up a Proposal Video

We can’t speak for everyone- but we can definitely tell you how we go about this here at Rebecca Ann Aesthetic. Usually, the proposing person (proposer?) will contact us ahead of time and let us know what to expect. We really appreciate this because it ensures that we can run over a few things with them so we can be sure on the timing. We will also bring a little extra gear with us to the shoot to make sure we can capture from multiple angles that we might not have on a normal day to day shoot.

From there, we will arrive at your shoot and go about business as usual- like a regular couples session. Becca will snap photo’s and Mandy will get some establishing shots to help her craft your film later on. We do NOT like to hide in the bushes. We get some requests for this- but we promise your image quality suffers here. It means that we can’t place you or us in the correct spots to get the gorgeous imagery you’re used to from RAA, and if you’re local your significant other is going to know something is up when they inevitably see two familiar faces just chilling 30 feet away inconspicuously.

So- we set up a regular couples session, you let us know ahead of time, and we take care of the rest! You can ask us to hold the ring, or if you’re on private property you can hide it somewhere ahead of time. What you DON’T want to do is stick it in your pocket. It’s too obvious! The proposed-to-person (proposee?) will definitely notice.

Why Do I Need a Proposal Video?

Great question. The answer is because it’s awesome.

No, really. It’s a truly amazing feat of modern technology that we can take what used to be a once in a lifetime moment and capture it in a way that can be relived for years to come. Proposal video is a great way to capture one of the defining moments of your story and ensure that you have all of the raw emotion saved to show your grand kids someday.

It’s also a unique opportunity for the proposee (?) to be able to see that moment from an outside perspective. They get to watch their own reaction, and that’s more important than a lot of people realize.

Proposal video is also an incredible way to announce the engagement to family and friends. Because proposal video’s tend to be 1 to 2 minutes in length, they are pretty fast editing jobs for us- meaning we can usually turn it around and have it available for you to post on social media within a week or so.

Use it on your wedding website, post it to facebook, link it with a QR code in your invitation suite- there are a ton of ways to share with others!

If you’d like to see Gabe & Emma’s proposal video, check it out here! It makes us tear up every time.

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