3 Things You Must Know to Craft the Perfect Wedding Day Letter

Writing a letter to your fiancé to be read on your wedding day can be a meaningful and emotional experience. It is a chance to express your love and appreciation for your partner, and to let them know how much they mean to you. Skipping out on this gesture can contribute to the feeling that many people have that their wedding became more of a production than a celebration of their love story.

Further, after filming dozens of weddings with private letters- Mandy knows a thing or two about how this works best. We will be upfront and let you know that we are definitely team “write the letter”- so we’re pretty biased.

That being said, here are some tips to help you craft a heartfelt and memorable letter to your fiancé.

What Do You Wish You Could Say?

Take some time to think about what you want to say. What are your hopes and dreams for your future together? How can you show your appreciation for your partner? What do you want them to know on this special day?

Life doesn’t have a ton of chances to make your spouse feel quite as cherished and important as this declaration of love and admiration- so don’t squander it. Know that whatever you say will be profoundly impactful. The paper you write them on will live for decades in a momento box somewhere. It’s worth taking the time to pour your heart and soul out here.

I’m Not Very Poetic- What Goes into a Wedding Letter?

Begin your letter by expressing your love and gratitude. Use sweet and loving words to convey your feelings for your partner. You don’t have to go totally off the rails and include things you wouldn’t normally say- just include the things that your partner fell in love with you for.

Share some personal anecdotes and memories. Write about the moment you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them, or about a special moment you shared together.

End your letter with a promise for the future. Tell your partner how much you look forward to building a life together and all the adventures that lie ahead.

I Wrote it- but I’m Not Confident. What Now?

Re-read and revise your letter as needed. Make sure it is free of any errors or typos, and that it truly reflects your feelings and emotions. Knowing that you worked hard to ensure that this is perfect will go a long way toward boosting your confidence in handing it over.

Then, seal your letter in an envelope with some personal touches like a spritz of your perfume. Present it to your partner on the morning of your wedding. Ask them to read it right before the ceremony- in that little space of time where you’re separated before you walk down the aisle. This is by far the most impactful moment for them to grab a boost of courage from your words.

Writing a letter to your fiancé on your wedding day is a beautiful way to express your love and commitment. We are all about creating moments of intimacy throughout a wedding and letters are an incredible way to do so!

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