Should I Book Photo And Video Together?

At Rebecca Ann Aesthetic, we understand how important it is to capture the special moments of a wedding day. Every couple wants to remember the day they tied the knot, and that’s where we come in. One question that many couples ask is whether they should hire a photographer or a videographer, or both. And if they do decide to hire both, should they hire them from the same company? In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of booking book photo and video together from the same company.

Capturing Moments in Photo and Video Together

When you hire a wedding photographer and videographer from the same company, you get to capture your special moments in two different forms. Photography captures still moments, while videography captures movement, sound, and emotion. Having both forms of media allows you to relive your wedding day in a unique way that only both can provide.

Moreover, hiring two different companies for photography and videography can lead to complications. There may be disagreements between the two parties, and it can be challenging to coordinate with two different teams. When you hire a single company, there’s only one point of contact, which simplifies communication and coordination.

For what it’s worth, Mandy actually doesn’t work outside of weddings that are photographed by the Rebecca Ann Aesthetic team except under very specific circumstances. Disagreement and competing interest between photographers and videographers aren’t worth the headache.

Consistent Style

Another advantage of booking photo and video together from the same company is the consistent style. When you hire two different companies, the photography and videography style may differ, which can create an inconsistent look and feel to your wedding photos and videos. However, when you hire from the same company, the style remains consistent throughout the day.

At our company, we work closely with together to ensure that they have a similar style and approach. We believe that having a consistent style allows for a better overall experience and a more seamless final product.

You can see our photography portfolio and film portfolio here.

Better Coordination

Hiring a wedding photographer and videographer from the same company also leads to better coordination. Both the photographer and videographer have to work together to ensure that they don’t get in each other’s shots, that they’re capturing the same moments, and that they’re not getting in the way of other vendors.

When you hire from the same company, the photographer and videographer already have an established relationship, and they’re used to working together. This means that they’re more likely to work seamlessly together, leading to a better overall experience for you and your partner.

On your wedding day you’ll see Mandy and Becca communicating frequently both verbally and nonverbally. We’ve shot so many weddings together that we can predict one another’s movements seamlessly. If you choose to work with a company outside of RAA- ask them how they intend to accommodate the other.


Finally, hiring a wedding photographer and videographer from the same company can save you time. When you only have to coordinate with one company, it frees up time that you would have spent communicating with two different vendors. This means you can spend more time focusing on other aspects of your wedding planning, such as choosing the perfect dress, selecting the ideal venue, and planning your honeymoon.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when you book photo and video together from the same company you enjoy many benefits. You’ll get to capture your special moments in both still and moving form, have a consistent style throughout your photos and videos, and have better coordination between your photographer and videographer. Plus, it can be time-saving, and make the booking process less stressful.

Our goal is to help couples capture their special moments in the best way possible. If you’re planning your wedding, I highly recommend considering hiring both a photographer and videographer from the same company. You won’t regret it when you get to relive your wedding day through beautiful photos and videos for years to come.

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