How Do I Get My Wedding Published in a Magazine?

Hi everyone, Becca Thomas here from Rebecca Ann Aesthetic! Today, let’s delve into a question that many newlyweds dream of: how to get your wedding published in a magazine? Seeing your special day celebrated in a glossy spread can be thrilling, but it requires thoughtful planning and a keen eye for details. Let’s walk through the steps.

Planning a Unique and Photogenic Wedding

To capture a magazine’s attention, your wedding needs to stand out from the crowd. Publications look for unique, creative, and visually stunning weddings to feature. Consider your wedding’s overall design, theme, and color palette, and aim for consistency and originality.

Incorporate unique elements that tell your love story. It could be personalized decorations, an unconventional venue, or a unique cultural tradition. Magazine editors are always on the hunt for something new and fresh that their readers haven’t seen before.

Also keep in mind that each individual publication has their own unique style. Getting published by Style Me Pretty is a different process than getting published in Rock and Roll Bride.

This is the very first step, and please understand that your wedding has to be pretty flawless throughout the entire production. Your ceremony, reception, getting ready suite, flat lays and cocktail hour will all be requested by the magazine during submission time. It’s crucial that you plan these things very well ahead of time.

Hiring a Professional Photographer

Having professional, high-quality images is essential when you’re aiming to get your wedding published. Magazines need top-notch photos that can print in high resolution. Therefore, investing in a professional wedding photographer is a fundamental requirement.

Ensure your photographer has impressive experience in wedding photography and discuss your publishing aspirations with them from the start. Further, look for photographers who have already been published multiple times across multiple publications. There is an entire process after the images are complete that your photographer goes through to get you into those glossy pages. You have a much higher chance of publication if your photographer has managed to pull it off in the past.

Collaborating with Reputable Vendors

The vendors you choose to work with have a major impact on publication. Top-tier wedding magazines often favor weddings that feature well-known, reputable vendors, from the florist and caterer to the dress designer and planner.

Not only do these vendors typically produce high-quality work, but they also have networks in the industry that can increase your wedding’s visibility.

We’re not going to mince words here- if the only vendors we have to list are Davids Bridal and your moms friends cake shop, your chances of publication dwindle to near zero.

Think couture gowns, well connected caterers, high end jewelry. The magazines use your wedding for advertisement- and they showcase things that are elevated and well known.

In conclusion, getting your wedding published in a magazine is a multi-faceted process that requires a well-planned, photogenic wedding, a professional photographer and collaboration with reputable vendors.

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