Fine Art Color Palettes

One of the very first decisions that many couples make during their quest to create the perfect fine art wedding is the colors they will be using! This can be a seriously daunting task so we thought we might share some of our absolute favorites to help get your brain moving.

First, start with a neutral main color. Usually the fine art minded couple will start with white, but you don’t have to! A solid slate, stone or cream color can make an excellent base as well. This is the color you want to use for your table linens, invitation suites and filler florals. Using the same color throughout will help provide a cohesive theme that feels beautiful, natural and elegant.

Next you’re going to look for a color compliment that you can use for your to fill in the gaps between your base color and your statement color that we will talk about here in a second. Your ‘middle’ color should still be pretty neutral and in fine art styling is often going to be a pale or dusty version of a hue. Think pale pink, dusty blue or a muted peach. Peaches and pinks in particular translate very well into fine art photography and create a dainty, soft and natural feel to your final imagery.

Finally you get to pick your statement color. There are a few rules here though, stay away from anything that doesn’t compliment your middle hue- pull up a color wheel if you need to and choose either an analogous or triadic color scheme.

Further, specific to fine art weddings, avoid a loud color like red or hot pink. These do not translate as well for a soft and romantic feel and will bring the attention to the colors you’ve used rather than on the two of you. This even includes shades of red, such as burgundy. Check out the images below for some of our favorite color palettes (note the use of greenery- remember when we talked about that in florals blog?)

With love and romantic colors,

Becca & Mandy

  1. […] BUT- this CAN work if we are careful. Let’s say you have a really beautiful deep pink you want to use- but that doesn’t fit into this idea we’re portraying here. That’s fine- if we can “step down” the color by using coordinating hues- it looks perfectly fine! Hot pink + blush + pale pink + white makes a perfect palette for fine art imagery. […]

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