Bridal Boudoir

With Valentine’s Day coming up we want to make sure that everyone is ready with the knowledge they need to fully enjoy their bridal boudoir experience with us!

We most commonly provide bridal boudoir- sessions designed to be turned into one of our ‘little black book’ albums that are then given as the gift from bride to groom on the actual wedding day. We aim to make these final images sweet, a little sassy, and emotionally intimate. It’s been one of our biggest draws for clients over the years and although there are precious few of these sessions we are able to share (your privacy is always our greatest concern), we love to get the word out about these sessions.

So, lets take a look at how this type of session plays out!

How Does a Boudoir Shoot Work?

Usually our clients will meet with just Becca in our home studio, although if you want Mandy there to grab some video clips she is always happy to join and does a great job at breaking tension during the session.

Mandy is the queen of making jokes at just the wrong time that get everyone laughing and feeling comfortable. But for a normal session, you can expect an empty studio with locked doors and drawn shades.

We utilize several different set ups that revolve around a lifestyle feel for these sessions. A nice comfy bed, a plain seamless back drop, sometimes a makeup vanity. We have all of these set up before you arrive. We ask that you bring a few articles of clothing with you that make you feel confident, beautiful and sexy.

This could be lingerie or it could be your significant others college jersey, or it could be a burlap sack. Whatever works for you! You are also welcome to bring several different things and we will help you figure out which items will work best for the vibe you are going for.

Privacy, Comfort and Positivity

Each of our sessions have your privacy and comfort in mind. We maintain an all female team, all the time- and the only way you will see by anyone but Becca is if you ask for Mandy or one of our assistants to come along! We have all shot each others boudoir so we know it can feel nerve wracking to step out of your comfort zone so we make these as painless as possible.

The images shared below are shared with 100% consent from those featured.

YOU Should Always be in Control in Boudoir!

We guide you through poses that focus on maintaining the sweet and sexy vibe that we are known for. We will work to highlight your favorite parts of yourself or parts that you know your soon to be spouse will like the most. If you don’t want your tummy to show- we can work with that!

If you want more pictures of your face (or none at all!) included, we can do that too! The only thing we won’t do is full body nude. We do ask that you keep your underwear on for the entirety of the session!

What Happens After?

Finally, we will go through and edit your images using careful cropping, basic retouching and color grading. Once those have been done we send you a proofing gallery to choose your favorites and then we can get to work on creating you an album to share! We work with an exclusive printing company that maintains a decades long commitment to privacy and high quality products and they can create you an album using a huge catalogue of finishes, paper types and thicknesses, and even engraving.

We always encourage our brides to do the boudoir session if they are comfortable. It winds up being so much more meaningful to your groom because it’s something that you and only you can give to him. Watches and colognes and season tickets to his favorite sports team are great- but they aren’t you!

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With love and female empowerment,


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