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For our more adventurous clients we have decided to bring out all the stops on our favorite destination session locations across the country. While most of our destination sessions are focused on couples and engagements, we would love to join your family for a destination session as well! It’s important to note that all of these locations fall outside of our normal operating range, meaning a travel fee will be discussed prior to booking unless we already happen to be in that area for another reason!

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The Arboretum – Lexington, Kentucky

We spend a ton of time in Lexington as we have a heavy presence there for weddings- and in doing so, we have located some of the best hidden gems in the area for capturing imagery of you and your loved ones. The Arboretum is one of our favorites for it’s expansive outdoor grounds and beautiful landscaping year round. This is a great place to bring along your pup and the location is open to the public until dark.

Pros: Doggos welcome, lots of outdoor scenery

Cons: Public space, closes relatively early

We love this photo captured on Film with Meghan and Alex!

Downtown – Lexington, Kentucky

With several different architectural features as well as blooming cherry blossoms in spring, Downtown Lexington, KY is a great option for those who live a city life and want that reflected in their imagery. This is also a great option for those who are looking for somewhere that is easy to park, simple to navigate and who want to have multiple location options in a small coverage area.

Pros: Lots of looks, easily accessible.

Cons: Public, can be busy.

Parthenon Park – Nashville, Tennessee

The Nashville Parthenon is one of our favorite locations for it’s expansive grounds and multitude of imagery options. Our photographs and videography from this location are always some of our favorites. With easy parking, access to architectural scenery as well as water and trail views- this makes a great option for those with children or pets, as well as couples looking to grab multiple locations in one.

Pros: Lots of scenery, easily accessible, great parking, good for a date night.

Cons: Public space with lots of people around.

Bonneville Salt Flats- Utah

If you are really looking to make this into something magical, you can’t go wrong with the Salt Flats. We have shot here a few times and love it for the incredible natural light and neutral environment that allows us to focus on the subject. Bonus points for the fact that there is no speed limit in the Salt Flats so if you want to get a little wild, go right ahead.

Pros: Incredible, over the top imagery and perfect lighting.

Cons: The salt. It’s everywhere and will follow you into your car and back home.

30A – Florida Panhandle

30A is known for it’s expanse of beaches and gorgeous sunsets. There are multiple places for us to stop along this winding highway and grab location specific shots along the way. It also includes Rosemary Beach which has been one of our clients favorites through the years as it still counts as a beach, but isn’t necessarily a ‘beach’ view.

Pros: Lots of locations, a great way to incorporate a journey.

Cons: There will be travel the day of as we move location to location.

Eden Gardens – Destin, Florida

Eden Garden is actually a dual location as we would be moving from there to the surrounding beaches in Destin for those iconic beach sunset views. This location also includes the traditional and romantic spanish moss popularized in movies like The Notebook and it makes for some really great images.

Pros: Multiple looks, romantic

Cons: Can feel cliche to some (not us!)

Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

Snow Canyon is an amazing location for someone who wants to capture true mountain views but isn’t an experienced hiker. This spot is super easy to access and is THE place for sunrise and sunset pictures and video.

Pros: Panoramic views, ease of access relative to imagery captured.

Cons: Outfit coordination with landscape is almost required.

Bethesda Terrace – Central Park, NYC

If you’re looking for an iconic location then Central Park is definitely it, but our favorite spot within this particular location is Bethesda Terrace. We’ve written extensively about our love of this location before and it’s rich history, but it’s worth mentioning again! Snag a shoot here if you are looking for a mix of city/architectural as well as greenery and art.

Pros: Lots of refined looks.

Cons: Public and can be VERY busy.

This blog is regularly updated as we scope out new and exciting places for our clients to adventure to! Check back soon!

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