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We are over the moon when our couples/families/seniors choose to do a session with us- wether that be photo only or a photo + video combination shoot. We absolutely adore engagement sessions specifically because they give us a chance to connect and interact with our couples before their wedding day and get into the groove of shooting with them. Chances are, if you found this blog you are probably trying to decide where you want your session to take place. We already provide styling services where we can help you pick out coordinating outfits and remove some of the stress from you for your shoot- but one thing that our clients always wind up needing help with is choosing a location! We will be doing a short two part series (mayyyybe three if we get wild) on these so that our clients near home and those far away each have a place to look to help them decide. Our hope is always to ensure that we can smooth every process you can- and this is just one more easy way for us to do that. Let’s get started!

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Kuttawa Recreation Center

A hidden gem in old Kuttawa, this area is one of our favorites. It allows us to get lake vibes for our sessions at both the beach area as well as at the overlook near the top of the park. There are also open field locations and a wooded park with a well maintained path nearby that allow us to essentially grab three seperate “looks” in one session. Our favorite thing about this one has to be the lighting though- the golden hour photos in this location are to die for.

Pros: Multiple looks, easy access, available anytime.

Cons: Is a public space so there are sometimes people around.

Our Personal Property

Both Becca & Mandy have personal properties that we can use for sessions. Depending on the season, we have plenty of open fields, wooded areas and private roadways. These are entirely private and are perfect if you want to bring along your dog or are the kind of people who are willing to hop into a side by side with us to go on an adventure! We have spots in both Crittenden and Caldwell Counties and would love to show you around!

Pros: Totally private, great for pets, a focus on the two of you.

Cons: Not all spots are super easy to access, availability can change depending on hunting seasons.

Lighthouse Landing

One of the most unique and popular spots in our area is Lighthouse Landing in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. This spot really gives off east coast vibes and is perfect for the laidback and breezy kind of people. Scene selections include the lighthouse itself, sailboats, open water/rocky beach, and historic street views nearby. This is a great choice for a couple or family who wants to turn their session into a date night- as you can leave your session and stop by Patti’s Settlement after for dinner!

Pros: Multiple scenes, ease of access, ammenities for a date night.

Cons: Lighting is very difficult here, meaning we prefer to catch an overcast day to shoot.

Historic Downtown Paducah, KY

This downtown arts district has a rich history dating back more than a century and we know it like the back of our hands! If you are an artsy person and enjoy the feel of street photography- this is an excellent choice. The flood wall, tiled buildings and cobblestone streets make for gorgeous images. This is another great choice for those who would like to turn their session into date night- as there are plenty of awesome places to grab a bite or see a show nearby.

Pros: Lots of scenery, Art deco vibes, great for date night

Cons: Public space that will have people around, parking can be difficult depending on session date and time.

White Haven

Another great spot in Paducah, KY that offers a more clean cut and classy portrait location. If you’re willing to do some moving around, we can hit up White Haven and Downtown during the same session. They have immaculately manicured grounds and an interesting history to the building which was once a family home, and is now a tourist spot.

Pros: Clean, easy to access, classic architecture

Cons: Not a lot of different scenery, surrounded by people.

Adsmore Museum

This location is beautiful year round and is a favorite for those who are doing their session when it’s still a bit cold out. It’s super easy to access and has lots of different photo opportunities in a very small space- which means we can spend less time moving around and more time capturing your memories! We have done some of our own pictures of ourselves here because we just love it so much!

Pros: Lots of scenery, easy to find, very low key, covered porch in in-climate weather

Cons: Is somewhat overused- you wont be the only people in the area who have their engagements done there. Must call ahead to make arrangements.

Honey Hill Farms, Mayfield KY

Perfect for the client looking to have their photos done in summer, as there are lots of beautifully blooming wildflowers. They also have a section for sunflower imagery that gives a very happy and bright feel to your photography and videography. We will warn you that there is a small $15 fee to shoot here! But if you ask us, totally worth it!

Pros: Tons of natural florals, Cute gift shop, Snow cones after for a date night

Cons: Has a fee, is a public space. A bit of a drive

Fredonia, KY

As lifelong residents of Caldwell and Crittenden Counties, we know a thing or two about the secret spots of our beautiful hometown. Fredonia is often overlooked because if you just shoot through the main road, it’s not much to look at. But we promise you that there is a veritable treasure trove of hidden gems in this area and we know about each and every one. If you’re looking for nature/creek views or to give your imagery a hometown feel, or if you’re a local like us with an emotional attachment to the area- we’ve got you covered!

Pros: Laidback, nature views, generally private, lots of looks.

Cons: Can feel like more of the same if you’ve lived here as long as we have!

Madisonville Mahr Park

This is another spot that is beautiful year round and includes water views. This is our top pick for fall sessions as the trees explode with gorgeous fall colors each year. This is another spot that is awesome to bring your pets to, so if you want to include Fluffy in your session- this is a great choice. Other notable themes include creeks and bridges as well as well maintained walkways.

Pros: Great for fall sessions and pets, as well as those looking for ease of access.

Cons: Public place.

Owensboro Botanical Gardens

Perfect for spring and summer shoots as they have immaculately maintained grounds with lots of blooming flowers. The landscape is absolutely gorgeous here and there are multiple locations within the park including a historical home that all make for great imagery. This garden is also minutes from downtown Owensboro, KY so if you want to scoot over and grab some shots downtown, that works out perfectly!

Pros: Lots of scenery, florals, a focus on the two of you.

Cons: Has the most expensive fee on this list at $25

Garden of The Gods

A short ferry ride across the river will bring us into Illinois, where we can then travel to Garden of the Gods state park for some epic sky views and stunning landscape. Parking is easy and the trails are well maintained, making it an easy choice for those who enjoy a light bit of hiking but still want to be able to conquer it in a sundress.

Pros: Amazing views, not overused in our area.

Cons: Not a great place for those with a fear of heights- we also do not recommend bringing pets to this location at all.

Not enough options? Check out our ideas for destination engagement spots- these will have a travel fee included in the price and may require an overnight stay- but we promise they’re worth it!

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