The 4 Major Elements of a Wedding Video

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It is so important to capture your wedding day in the most beautiful and authentic way possible. You’ve likely wound up here because you’re beginning the process of selecting a wedding videographer- and you’re rapidly realizing that the entire industry is full of techy sounding AV nerds. I’m allowed to say that because I am one.

The simple fact is that wedding videographers get away with so much because our medium isn’t well understood. I can theoretically sit here and say that X is the best thing for you, and you’re not allowed to do Y- and you won’t likely have a great comeback for either of those things.

And thats OKAY. This is supposed to be such an incredible time in your life, and the Rebecca Ann Aesthetic ethos is to ensure that you feel seen, heard, respected and valued throughout the entire process.

In this article, I’m going to give you the four sections of what truly makes up the back end of a wedding video. In doing so, you’ll be more informed on how to tackle conversations with videographers as you begin your hunt. Click the link at the very bottom of this article if you want to speak face to face! Even if you don’t want to work with us specifically- I’m still happy to help you along the journey.

Color Grading in Your Wedding Video

Color grading is the process of adjusting the colors and tones of the footage to create a cohesive look throughout the video. This can range from a classic and timeless style to a more modern and trendy look. What you see from Rebecca Ann Aesthetic is what is commonly referred to as “Fine Art”. You may also see this confused with “Light and Airy” or “Bright” videography.

Generally speaking- it’s easier to hit a dark/moody tone. We lovingly refer to this editing style as the ultimate way to hide your sins. I almost never use black and white in my videography- so if I mess up a shot and don’t properly light it, the only real thing to do is to lower the shadows and hide the mistake.

Many people adore the dark and moody style for it’s cinematic feel- it just isn’t for us.

Timing and Pace of your Wedding Video

The timing and pace of the wedding video can greatly affect the overall mood and emotion of the video. The length of the video can range from a short highlight reel to a full-length feature film. The pace can be slow and romantic or fast-paced and energetic, depending on the couple’s personality and the style of the wedding.

Generally, our highlight films fall into the 5-12 minute range. It all depends on how much actually happened the day of, and I never include subpar footage to hit a time count. A wedding with tons of personal vows, lots of guests, plenty of scenery, and a couple who loves being in front of the camera is going to have more footage. There is simply more to shoot.

Beyond that, we vary the pace of the editing to fit the emotion. I believe that the story element of videography is heavily influenced by the feelings everyone has in a specific moment. Happy/fun/excited moments will cut more quickly, with more movement, and shorter clips. These individual clips tend to be around 2-4 seconds long.

Tender/intimate/loving moments are given more room to breathe and fall into the longer category, usually between 8 and 20 seconds. I know that seems short, but psychologically anything longer than 20 seconds and your brain begins to wander. Weird how much psychology, art and emotional regulation goes into this whole thing huh?

Music Selection that fits your Story

The music selection plays a crucial role in setting the tone and emotion of the wedding video. Some couples prefer to use songs that are special to them, while others prefer a more cinematic and instrumental score. The music should complement the mood and pace of the video and evoke the right emotions.

We utilize MusicBed for all of our music- because it is, in fact, illegal to use copyrighted music that you hear on the radio. This is a huge red flag if a videographer is offering to do this for you. You’re welcome to hop on the site and pick out anything you’d like- or you can hand it over to me and I can utilize my education and years of background in this industry to magic you up a perfect new “our song” for the rest of your life.

Storytelling Abilities in Wedding Videography

The wedding video should tell a story and capture the unique personalities and love story of the couple. The editing style should showcase the key moments of the day and weave them together to create a compelling narrative. The video should feel authentic and personal, while still being visually stunning.

I do this by weaving speeches, heartfelt messages from your family, your vows, and various other things from your day. You might even catch me recording ambiance sounds like childrens laughter, birds chirping, or clinking glasses from your wedding. These things are what set us apart from a traditional shoot and slap company.

In conclusion, the color grading, timing and pace, music selection, and storytelling all contribute to creating a video that perfectly captures your special day. Discuss your preferences with your videographer to get a better understanding of the different editing styles available. With the right combination of videography and editing, your wedding video will be a cherished memory for years to come.

If you’re still on the fence about wether or not you want to hire a wedding videographer- check out this blog about the true value of wedding videography.

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