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Your wedding is a timeless representation of each of you. This one day is meant to be a celebration of everywhere you have been, and everywhere you will go. At Rebecca Ann Aesthetic, we’ve witnessed hundreds of weddings. In all that time, we’ve found several things always ring true.

In this blog post, we delve into the intricate art of crafting a wedding where every detail and moment weaves together to showcase your love story. Welcome to the world of luxury and personalization, where your wedding becomes a cherished chapter.

Keep Your Beginning in Mind

Before diving into the flurry of wedding planning, take a moment to reflect on your journey as a couple. Identify the moments, experiences, and shared passions that have molded your relationship. These introspective insights will serve as the foundation upon which your wedding will be built.

Think of how you met, what you wore that day, who was present. Consider the good times and even the bad- what are the yarns that weave together your story so far?

Perhaps you had your first date at a swanky restaurant and you shared a dessert that you absolutely loved. Have it at your wedding! You want to curate an experience so that there is something of your story at every turn.

Here’s a few examples, don’t worry- our specialty is in capturing these little things:

  • Include the same flowers from your Valentines day into your bouquet.
  • Wear the bracelet from your first Christmas.
  • Use a spritz of the cologne you wore on the first date.

Define Your Style

Unveil your unique love story by infusing your wedding with a distinctive style. Whether its a romantic garden affair, a sleek modern soiree, or an opulent vintage celebration, let your personal tastes guide the aesthetic direction. This overarching style will serve as a guiding light throughout the planning process.

We have many blogs about various aspects of your wedding style– but we caution against using a full theme.

You want to start with colors and ideas. Maybe create a mood board with Pinterest. Feel free to run anything by us and we will give you our honest opinion on how we’ve seen it play out before.

Personalize Your Invitations

Your wedding journey commences with the moment your loved ones receive the invitation. Elevate by designing custom-made invitations that reflect your love story. Incorporate elements such as monograms, hand-drawn illustrations, or snippets of poetry that symbolize your journey together. The invitation should be a glimpse into the enchantment that awaits.

We recommend going beyond the traditional invitation and into something more tasteful. Perhaps hand lettered envelopes, incorporating vellum and dried flowers, or even tying it together with silk ribbon. All of these are incredibly simple options that instantly set the tone for the rest of the wedding.

Your guests will use your invitations as their guide to how to dress and present at your wedding. A plain paper invitation from somewhere like Minted doesn’t say much about you or your event. It also doesn’t communicate the great deal of planning and preparation that you’ve undoubtedly put into the day.

Select YOUR Perfect Venue

The venue sets the stage for your love story to unfold. Opt for a location that resonates with your shared history or showcases your favorite elements of nature or architecture. Whether it’s a picturesque vineyard, a stately manor, or a secluded beach, the venue should exude romance and captivate the senses.

All too often we see couples choosing their venue based on proximity to home or availability within a certain time frame. While those things are absolutely important to us if they are important to you, we also want you to consider how the space makes you feel emotionally. Is the staff welcoming and kind or are there a ton of arbitrary rules? Will the moments you want fit within that venue?

Remember- the venue itself (and the surrounding grounds) will hang in frames in your home for decades. Does it represent the life you’ve had together, or is it just an easy pick?

Design A Captivating Ceremony

The ceremony is the pivotal moment when your love story is officially unveiled. Personalize this sacred event by infusing it with meaningful rituals, heartfelt vows, and unique touches. Consider including readings from your favorite books or poems, incorporating symbolic gestures, or involving loved ones in special ways. The ceremony should be a reflection of your values, beliefs, and the promises you hold dear.

We have a ton of favorite ways to do this- so we will simply bullet them out here for inspo:

  • ALWAYS write your own vows in addition to any you may use for religious reasons
  • Include family and friends in things like candle lighting, readings and songs
  • Have honorary seating for those who are no longer with us
  • Include pets in the bridal party
  • Use decor around the couple that is meaningful

Infuse Signature Elements

Weave your love story into every aspect of the wedding, from the floral arrangements to the table settings. Each element should bear the mark of your unique life together.

Consider incorporating pictures of your story so far into the guest book (an excellent place to showcase your engagement pictures!), or have an engagement film to play on a projector during the reception.

Although wedding favors have fallen somewhat out of style- one of our favorite elements has always been handcrafted favorites. We’ve seen everything from handmade strawberry jam from a bride who’s parents owned a strawberry farm to tiny keys that tastefully represented the couples shared love of Harry Potter.

Dinner as a Social Event

Delight your guests with a culinary journey that mirrors your love story. Collaborate with a talented chef to design a menu that features your favorite dishes, or explore regional cuisine that holds special meaning for you as a couple.

Craft a well-curated bar menu with handcrafted cocktails that pay homage to your relationship’s milestones. The culinary experience should be an ode to your love and shared adventures.

It’s also worth noting that many couples have foregone the full plated meal in exchange for heavy appetizers that give guests a glimpse into the life you’ve shared. It’s perfectly fine to have mini versions of dozens of your favorite dishes!

Ambience is Important

Lighting, music, and decor play a vital role in creating an immersive ambiance that envelopes your guests in the magic of your love story. Choose lighting that evokes warmth and romance, curate a playlist that reflects your shared musical tastes, and adorn the space with carefully selected decor elements that embody your chosen theme. The ambiance should transport guests into the heart of your love story.

This is where choosing highly regarded vendors comes into play. A great DJ is going to tailor the music to the current vibe (or the vibe you’re trying to get to) in real time. A talented florist will know how to create a story through those flowers as you move throughout the day.

We cannot recommend getting a top notch planner enough. We have worked with many over the years, and have plenty of recommendations should you need them.

Prioritize Your Photography & Videography

Obviously we are going to include this, but even if you choose to go a route that doesn’t include us, we highly recommend that your photography and videography have several features.

Choose a company that offers both together

When you have a photographer and videographer from different companies you’ll find that they often work against each other instead of together. Unfortunately, many people in this industry are worried about their own business and not your memories- and we hate seeing couples being dragged in opposite directions all day.

Look for someone you feel comfortable with

You are going to spend an unexpected amount of time with your photo and video team during your wedding. They’ll be present as you get dressed, when you cry during your vows, and at sunset as you sneak away from your reception. You want someone who can calm you down, make you laugh and generally increase your comfort level all day long. If you don’t click in the beginning- you won’t click on the wedding day.

Find someone who takes your concerns seriously

if you ever ask a question and cannot get a straight answer, this is a major red flag. It means that they don’t take your fears seriously, and this ties into how comfortable they will make you. Check out this blog for more things to look out for.

Crafting a wedding where your unique love story shines through every detail is an art that requires careful thought and attention. From the invitations to the ceremony, from the decor to the culinary experience, every aspect should serve as a canvas on which your love story is painted.

Let your wedding day become a celebration of your extraordinary journey, a testament to the love that binds you together, and a cherished memory that will be etched in your hearts forever.

Still trying to decide where to go from here? Check out these blogs to learn more about the world of wedding photography and videography with Rebecca Ann Aesthetic.

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