Kentucky Castle Weddings: An Honest Review

The grandeur of a castle and the romantic allure of saying “I do” within its historic walls can turn a wedding into a fairytale come true. One such place that has caught the attention of couples looking for a luxurious and unique venue is the Kentucky Castle, nestled in the heart of the Bluegrass State in Versailles. This venue has become synonymous with opulence and refinement, but is it the right choice for your dream wedding?

As one of the elite few photographers and videographers you’ll find on the Kentucky Castle preferred vendor list we feel compelled to provide an honest review of the Kentucky Castle for weddings

Let’s explore its charm, offerings, and potential downsides.

The Splendor of the Kentucky Castle

Architecture and Aesthetics

The Kentucky Castle’s stone fa├žade, towering turrets, and sweeping staircases provide an undeniably majestic setting. The architectural design transports you to a different era. The meticulous attention to detail ensures that every corner offers a photogenic backdrop. If a regal atmosphere is what you’re seeking, the Kentucky Castle certainly delivers.

Grounds and Gardens

Between the Castle itself and the exterior wall- you’ll find two main grounds areas. There is a white tent near the front entrance that is often used for receptions and the central fountain area nearby that creates a great focal point for pictures. Then, you’ll find the corner wedding altar area where people most likely tie the knot- with the bride walking in from the corner spire.

Amenities and Services

Luxurious Accommodations

One of the key highlights of the Kentucky Castle is its luxurious accommodations. With beautifully decorated rooms, including a bridal suite, guests can enjoy a lavish stay within the castle itself. The rooms blend vintage elegance with modern comfort, creating an experience that’s both regal and cozy.

It is very common for couples to rent out the Castle in it’s entirety to ensure accommodations for themselves and the bridal party on the days surrounding the wedding itself.

Catering and Coordination

The Kentucky Castle offers in-house catering, with a menu that boasts locally sourced ingredients and gourmet preparations. The culinary team’s dedication to quality and taste can add a delicious touch to your celebration. Additionally, their event coordination services can help ease the planning process, though some couples may prefer more customized options.

Iconic Kentucky Charm

The Castle is known the world over, and is the only true castle in the eastern half of the United States. You may know it from Vanderpump Rules, but those of us who are local to Kentucky simply know it as one of the crowning jewels in the wedding industry. The Kentucky Castle is a hot spot for publication features and low key celebrity weddings. It’s one of those venues that your friends and family will be in awe of, and generates its fair share of jealousy in the wedding industry.

Potential Considerations

Cost and Exclusivity

While the Kentucky Castle offers a unique and opulent setting, it comes at a premium price. The cost does not align with every budget, and its popularity means that availability can be limited, especially during peak wedding seasons. We recommend booking at minimum 18 months out, and the average budget for couples we have shot here is at minimum $100,000.

Exclusive Doesn’t Mean Private

If you choose not to rent the Caste out in it’s entirety- expect wandering guests on the premises. The Kentucky Castle is, by design, a luxury hotel and restaurant. This restaurant does not close on wedding nights. If you haven’t paid the fee to bring the whole house down- expect random people to be walking amongst your guests.

Further, those guests need to park somewhere. With your wedding guests and bridal party taking up the prime real estate for parking, those hotel and restaurant guests often park in the roundabout near the fountain. We’ve had many sunset shoots cramped by a car or five randomly appearing in this prime photography location.

Size Limitations of the Interior

While the exterior of the Kentucky Castle exudes grandiosity and expansiveness, the interior spaces may not align with those impressions. Most notably, the grand ballroom, often considered the heart of any castle, is surprisingly small at the Kentucky Castle.

The grand ballroom can comfortably accommodate at most 75 people. For intimate weddings, this might add to the charm and coziness of the celebration. However, for couples envisioning a larger gathering with an extensive guest list, this limitation can pose a significant challenge.

Sunlit Ceremonies

If you choose to stick with the traditional corner spire ceremony location- understand that there is very little shade. From the photography and videography side of things, this area can be incredibly difficult to capture. We recommend that you only book teams that have shot here extensively, otherwise you risk extremely washed out and harsh imagery.

Beyond the needs of your photo and video team, you need to know that this location will put you and your guests in direct sunlight for the duration of the ceremony. In the summer months, it’s very hot out there. It’s crucial that you include at the very least hand fans. We also encourage you to consider renting an additional tent to cover this area if you truly want a good experience.

Conclusion: A Venue for Dreamers

The Kentucky Castle is a venue that promises a wedding experience drenched in elegance, luxury, and history. Its architectural beauty, enchanting grounds, and luxurious amenities provide a canvas for a truly magical celebration.

However, its suitability depends on your budget, style preferences, and the level of customization you desire. If a castle wedding resonates with your dream, the Kentucky Castle might just be the venue that turns your wedding into a fairytale come to life.

An honest assessment of your needs and a visit to the venue itself can help you decide if this magnificent castle in Kentucky aligns with your vision of a perfect wedding. If it does, the romance, charm, and splendor of the Kentucky Castle could make your wedding a story for the ages.

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