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We spend a lot of time here at RAA focusing on bridal needs and wants- generally speaking the bride is the main focal point and her dress, hair and makeup are the initial decisions made as far as the couple goes. It has become far too common for couples to be swept away making bridal decisions and then leave the poor groom to his own defenses on choosing his attire. So we thought today was the best day to sit down and talk to our lovely couples about groom styling!

The Candid Truth

You’re marrying this man! Grooms want to feel just as special and handsome on their wedding day as brides want to feel special and beautiful. There are a few ways to accomplish this and we are always excited to see couples twist on the classics- but before we can start mixing things up we need to set a few ground rules first.

First, your groom needs to be in a tux or very well fitting suit. This is not negotiable. If you are going to put countless hours and thought and thousands of dollars into a wedding gown, please do not stand your groom up next to you in a pair of khakis or a suit that is a half size too big.

We are big fans of the class black tuxedo- it’s a cut that flatters every body type and really makes a man feel like, well, a man. Pair it with a classic black tie or bowtie to finish off the look and call it good if you really don’t want to delve into menswear specifics.

He Deserves Great Shoes Too!

Next, get that man some shoes! Women go all out with the Jimmy Choo’s and red bottomed Louboutins- whens the last time you took your man out to shop for something that made him feel really snazzy? Both Nordstrom and Macy’s have excellent options in their grooms-wear sections that you should definitely check out.

Accessories Make the Groom

After you’ve got a great suit, tie and shoes- it’s time to accessorize! There are lots of different ways to add accessories to a groom that you might not have even thought of, and this is a great place for the bride to step in. Some custom engraved cufflinks, a hand embroidered pocket square with a secret message just for him, and even a signature cologne are all great options to elevate the grooms experience during the big day.

Wedding Planning Tips From the Pros

Another hot tip from your girls here at RAA is for you to please practice tying the knot for the tie or bowtie ahead of the big day. Mandy has a background in fashion design and can usually step in and do some simple pocket square folds or a basic half Windsor, but we don’t always have time to do this perfectly and make sure that everything is in its place.

There needs to be at least one person in the wedding party (preferably the best man) who can tie everyones ties and fold their pocket squares. There are countless guides for this online and it is definitely worth practicing ahead of time!

Please remember that on the day of, the bride will not be able to do it as the bride and groom are generally separated until after they are fully dressed!

Spice it Up!

Finally, we encourage our grooms to get the basics and then add their flair. An extra fancy boutonniere, your grandfathers pocket watch or even some extra fancy socks can make a big impact on not only the attire but the overall mood and feel that the groom experiences on the actual wedding day.

This is a time for each of you to feel fancy and to celebrate the love that you so obviously share for one another. It’s not a time to cut corners or leave the poor groom out in the cold style-wise. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to let us know- we have a whole pinterest board just for inspo!

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