Wadley Farms; Lindon, Utah

Nestled among the beautiful mountainous landscape of central Utah you’ll find the expansive historical estate of Joseph Wadley. Originally acquired in the 1800’s this home-place has been passed down from generation to generation and stands today as one of the largest and most stunningly beautiful venues we have had the privilege to shoot in.

The main focal point, the castle itself, is home to many weddings and other events each year and to our little fine art hearts, this place is a wonderland. There are stunning architectural features, fountains, lush gardens and vineyards and to top it off- the mountains in the background add a level of majesty to this space that we can hardly believe.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy a fairytale wedding, we cannot recommend Wadley Farms enough. In the meantime, take a look around our website to see these and other images we have captured within their estate. Once you’re done there, head over to the Wadley Farms website to read more about their history and offerings as a wedding venue.

With love and fine art hearts,

Becca & Mandy

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